1 . Pagkamakabayan, Let me Show Respect to My personal Country and Its Persons. I Will Offer Honor and Respect to the Flag and maintain the Principles of a Authentic Filipino. Pagkakalikasan, I Will Help the Environment to Preserve Its

 1 . Pagkamakabayan, I Will Demonstrate Respect to My Nation and to It is People. Let me Give Exclusive chance and Value to the Flag and Keep the Values of a...

exemption from the flag wedding ceremony, not exemption from the community schools exactly where they may study the Cosmetic, the democratic way of life and form of authorities, and learn not simply the arts, technology, Philippine history and culture yet also receive training for a vocation or profession and stay taught the virtues of " patriotism, respect pertaining to human rights, appreciation for national characters, the rights and responsibilities of nationality, and ethical and religious values. Pushing a small religious group, through the iron side of the legislation, to take part in a ceremony that violates their spiritual beliefs, can hardly end up being condusive to love of country or respect to get duly constituted authorities. The expulsion of members of Jehovah's Witnesses from the educational institutions where they may be enrolled will violate their very own right as Philippine residents, under the 1987 Constitution, to receive free education, for it is the duty with the State to " shield and enhance the right of most citizens to quality education and to make these kinds of education accessible to all. While the highest view must be provided their directly to the physical exercise of their faith, " this will not arrive at mean that university authorities will be powerless to discipline them" if they should commit removes of the serenity by activities that hurt the sensibilities, both spiritual and patriotic, of other persons. In the event they quietly stand by attention through the flag service while their classmates and professors salute the flag, sing the nationwide anthem and recite the patriotic give your word, we do not see how such perform may possibly disrupt the peace, or create " a grave and present risk of a severe evil to public protection, public morals, public health or any type of other genuine public interest that the Express has a proper. The petition for certiorari and forbidance is GRANTED. The exclusion orders issued by the general public respondents up against the petitioners are hereby ANNULLED AND SET BESIDES.



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